Aims & Objective

To provide and manage a robust and profitable online Film Mart where standard and premium content (mostly Nollywood) will be publicize with the aim of attracting interested users for right acquisitions.

For the platform to encourage co-production opportunities by showcasing projects at different stages of production with verified details of owners of such projects.

To develop a solidly viable business directory of crew members, production, post-production, distribution and exhibition companies on our Company pages.

To provide industry related news as well as get to know key players in the industry via the News blog.


Globalization and the new economy, otherwise known as digital economy came with load of opportunities and new ways of doing business. Also, it came with its peculiarities and challenges to those who have no structures to avail themselves of this neveau digital advantage especially in marketing and distribution.

Similarly, the challenge thrown to the world by the recent covid-19 pandemic further complicate the case for those who are not already taking advantage of these digital eco system.

While Nollywood contents producers have since embraced digital technology in its content creation and production, the same can not be said of its marketing and distribution arms thereby breaking the chain of the digital circle. This is the bane of the Nigerian film industry; the market changed but the marketing and distribution strategy did not.

Our Intervention

Oduma Creative Worx, a Nigerian based company with concern for film production and distribution business has signed agreement with one of Nigeria’s leading IT solution company to develop a web based, online business directory style portal for the Nigerian film industry.

This initiative is a direct response to the challenges posed by the glut in sales and distribution of Nollywood contents. The proposed website; Nollywood et Al will use its platform to showcase nollywood contents at various production stages and those that are market ready for content aggregators and distributors in Nigeria and globally for possible deals.

The platform, Nollywood et al will also keep industry stakeholders abreast with latest industry and related business news via its blog and weekly newsletters.